Vertical Technologies Releases New VTOL UAS The DeltaQuad

Vertical Technologies has released their DeltaQuad series of autonomous VTOL UAVs. This hybrid vertical takeoff fixed wing vehicle can stream telemetry and video over the cellular network using VPN, and boasts an impressive 1 Kg payload capacity, 2 hour 45 minute flight time and 150 Km range.


The DeltaQuad is developed by members of the PX4 Pro auto pilot development team and uses several impressive features that make this UAV as easy to control as setting up a navigation system. It requires no pre-flight calibrations and the Pro model comes equipped with an onboard computer that almost completely replaces the operator. This makes the vehicle suitable for BVLOS missions. The included DeltaQuad simulator makes it easy to get familiar with the controls and allows test flying missions before they are executed.


The DeltaQuad is aimed at the professional market and has been priced very competitively. It is built with industrial quality hardware and many electrical components are specifically designed for the DeltaQuad.


It comes in 3 different varieties: the DeltaQuad Base, One and Pro. The DeltaQuad Base is a kit version intended to be outfitted with aftermarket avionics. The DeltaQuad One is the RTF version. The DeltaQuad Pro comes with 4G VPN secured telemetry and video, and is equipped with an additional board computer running the DeltaQuad Safety and Performance System for advanced autonomous capabilities. These advanced features include weather condition checking, mission and terrain validation and air traffic awareness using ADS-B.


Vertical Technologies, a company started by the people from DronesLab, has been working on the DeltaQuad in relative secrecy for more than 14 months.


Today they open their doors on and are ready to ship DeltaQuads world-wide.

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