DRONEFAX Set to Capture Unrealized Market for Used Drones With Proprietary Inspection and Sales Model

The official launch of DRONEFAX  is big news for the drone industry, as the company offers a first-of-its-kind used drone brokerage service that includes physical inspection of every vehicle by a licensed FAA technician. DRONEFAX gives both sellers and buyers peace of mind and ensures a fair transaction. With the drone industry continuing to expand and evolve, the demand for this kind of service is intense and unmet.


We’re aiming to be more than a marketplace for used drones,” explains Dori Sargent, Media Coordinator for DRONEFAX. “Anyone can create a listing site. But only we offer inspection and repair by an FAA-licensed aviation maintenance technician. Buyers know they’re receiving a safe and functional drone. And thanks to our partnership with Transport Risk Management, everyone who purchases a vehicle through DRONEFAX earns discounts on drone insurance.”


According to the FAA, there are more than 2 million drones in the U.S. today, yet many of these vehicles are simply taking up space in someone’s garage. These owners would probably be happy to unload what for them amounted to a novelty purchase. On the other hand, both hobbyists and commercial buyers would be eager to buy used drones from a trusted source. DRONEFAX solves both of those issues.


Owners looking to sell their drone can start by submitting a sale request and sending their vehicle to DRONEFAX, where it will be inspected, repaired and test flown. When it’s passed inspection, the vehicle will be listed for sale.


“Every drone sold becomes a used drone as soon as it’s powered on,” adds Sargent, “and right now, over a million drones are simply gathering dust. All those ‘hangar queens’ are opportunities, from the point of view of DRONEFAX. Our mission is to create a dynamic market for these older drones and give them a new lease on life. We currently have over 15,000 contacts that we email weekly regarding new arrivals, each one a potential buyer for a quality used drone.”


The stunning growth of the government, commercial and hobbyist drone markets shows no sign of slowing. Therefore, the need for a reputable brokerage service like DRONEFAX isn’t going away. In the future, Sargent and the DRONEFAX team plan to build relationships with government and private enterprise to further expand the platform. Eventually, DRONEFAX will feature a vast database of information on the used drone market, much like ecommerce services do for the used auto market.



At DRONEFAX, our goal is to bring you the best and newest selection of used drones. All have been inspected and flown before you buy. Our consignment inventory has been inspected by an FAA AMT, a real licensed technician who works on real aircraft. No other used drone site offers this level of professional service and care.


For more information visit Dronefax.us


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