Mobilicom releases SkyHopper ONE UAV Data Link for High End DIY Drones

Announcing SkyHopper ONE, an advanced communication system for high-end DIY drones. SkyHopper ONE packages all drone communication into a single RF channel by combining control, telemetry & payload into a lightweight device.


Mobilicom has announced the release of the SkyHopper ONE UAV data link – the second from the SkyHopper family of products. This advanced UAV communication system leverages SkyHopper PRO’s proven technology, and fulfills an unmet need in the DIY drone market. SkyHopper ONE makes it easy for professional DIY drone users to equip their drone with a robust communication link that is also highly secure and encrypted.


Today, DIY drone enthusiasts oftentimes use separate solutions for control, telemetry and payload, thereby
increasing costs and weight. SkyHopper ONE is an easy plug & play device, which gives these drone enthusiasts the
peace of mind of packaging all drone communication into a single RF channel. SkyHopper ONE is a small and
lightweight solution that offers multiple transmission modes. With a complete online support infrastructure,
including instructional manuals and videos, SkyHopper ONE is easy to use and configure.


“What’s great about SkyHopper ONE, is that it is compatible with most flight controllers, various types of payload
and it has a robust transmission of data, voice and video, even in obstructed or urban areas”, said Mobilicom’s CEO,
Oren Elkayam.


To date, Mobilicom has garnered success with its wireless solutions for commercial and industrial drones as well as
for mission critical applications, and it has gained significant market traction throughout. Mobilicom has leveraged
this proven technology and expanded into the high-end DIY drone market segment.

A few of SkyHopper ONE’s key features include:

  • Superior UAV communication through N-LOS and Urban areas using proprietary radio technology that finds
    its way around obstructions to carry a clear and solid radio signal.
  • Line-of-Sight range of 1.2 miles
  • Broadcast, multicast and unicast transmission modes.
  • Security and encryption with the addition of our advanced proprietary encryption mechanism.
  • Broadband link enabling real-time full HD video
  • Single link for control, telemetry and real-time full HD video
  • Small form factor and lightweight.
  • Plug & Play for easy operation.

SkyHopper ONE is available for purchase online on Amazon in the US and Ebay in Israel. For purchases in all other
countries, visit our website,

For more information, visit

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