Knowledge Base Presented By Terrestrial Imaging ” How to get your Part 107 Remote Pilot License”

The opportunities to make money with your drone seem endless, and many people are trying to get in on the action. Getting started, however, can be intimidating, as there are rules to learn and procedures to follow. I am going to help you out with the first and most important step of the process: getting your Part 107 remote pilots certificate. My name is Christopher LoPresti from Terrestrial Imaging. I am a 35 year licensed pilot of manned aircraft, and am amongst the first in the country to have received my Part 107 certificate.

For those of you looking to put your drones to work, you are going to hear “Part 107” quite often; chances are you already have. Earning your Part 107 certificate is an essential part of starting your own sUAV business (small unmanned aerial vehicles). A Part 107 certificate allows remote pilots to fly sUAVs for commercial purposes.

To fly under Part 107, you’ll need to pass the FAA Part 107 Airman Knowledge Test, which consists of 60 questions. You’ll have two hours to complete the exam which must be taken at a FAA designated test taking facility. At the time of this writing, the fee to take the knowledge exam is $150.00. Obtaining your Part 107 certificate is necessary in order for you to exchange money, or any other form of compensation, for your aerial photography services. Without it, you are limited to flying for recreational purposes only.

The knowledge needed to pass the test can be obtained online, through books, or by attending a training program in person. There are many companies around the country in business to help you obtain your Part 107 certificate with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Truth be told, if you are not afraid of a little self-study, you can pass the FAA’s knowledge test on your own without the need for structured training.

There is false information floating around on the Internet designed to scare you into signing up for one of the more expensive Part 107 training courses. The false information goes something like this: “You cannot take your FAA Part 107 knowledge test without first attending a class and receiving a recommendation from a certified instructor.” This is not at all true. You can self-study to prepare for the exam, and when you are good and ready, you can make an
appointment with a FAA designated test taking facility and take your Part 107 knowledge test. You do NOT need to take any formal training in order to schedule your Part 107 knowledge test and earn your Part 107 certificate.

The Part 107 knowledge exam is designed to test your knowledge of airspace, airport traffic patterns, aviation weather, radio communications, safety, common aviation acronyms, and much more. The FAA has a free online study guide (Click here to download) to help you prepare for your Part 107 knowledge exam. In addition to the FAA study guide, Terrestrial Imaging has their very own Part 107 practice test engine where you can take an unlimited amount of practice tests to help you prepare (


Terrestrial Imaging’s interactive test engine is filled with over 300 unique questions designed to challenge your knowledge and help you prepare for the FAA exam. The Part 107 practice test engine is free for any customer who purchases their drone from Terrestrial Imaging.

Whether you study online, in a classroom or using Terrestrial Imaging’s practice test engine, when you feel well prepared, contact your local FAA FSDO (flight standards district office) or search the Internet for the FAA Knowledge Testing Center nearest you. Testing centers are located all throughout the U.S.A.


Fly safely and get paid!

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