MMC Plans To Expand Their Network Of One Stop Drone Rental Centers

Leading commercial drone manufacturer MMC is a recognized innovator in drone tech – and now they’re changing the way the drone industry does business. MMC are partnering with helicopter service centers and other providers across the globe as they expand their game-changing One Stop Drone Rental centers.

Now in Asia, India, and Germany MMC plans to expand their network of Rental centers – a new way of bringing drone technology to the enterprise. “MMC’s One-Stop UAV Rental Solution offers a lower-risk, lower-cost and high return business model for companies adopting drone technology for the first time,” says Mr. Ling, MMC’s VP and
Managing Director of Overseas Operations. “We’re now expanding this program across the globe, opening centers in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, and South Africa.”


The One Stop Solution eliminates many of the barriers to entry that businesses experience with drone technology. With their local partners, MMC’s One Stop Rental Centers deliver a world-renowned commercial drone and handle the piloting, payload selection, maintenance and repair – all of the tasks of fleet maintenance – while the customer gets the benefits of the drone program.


MMC works with local to deliver the appropriate tools, training and facilities for an unmanned solution in the local market. Manufacturing, updates, maintenance and repair take place at MMC’s state of the art facility in Shenzhen. Their latest partner is helicopter service provider Heliseven in Germany. “Helicopter service providers are a perfect match for the program,” says Mr. Ling. “The services are complementary, the customers and facilities are already there – and offering a complete UAV and helicopter solution helps everyone do business.”


Heliseven CEO Thomas Drager agreed. We were looking for a drone manufacturer to provide us with industrial drones,” said Thomas “More and more projects can be completed with a multiotor drones for a lower cost. We want to provide our customers with the service that they need – either helicopter or multirotor UAV.”


“UAVs are an inevitable trend,” says Thomas “We firmly believe that this combination of services will allow us to maintain – and grow – our position in the market.”


For customers, the system offers an easy way to implement drone programs without a large upfront investment in staffing and equipment. “A rental solution just makes sense,” says Mr. Ling. “Many companies want the benefits of a drone program but aren’t in a position to hire pilots and maintain a fleet – even before they’ve seen what drones can do.” Customers can now work with specially trained local experts to determine the right aircraft and payload for
their mission, perform demo flights, learn about flight planning, and find a trained pilot.


As the drone industry expands, providers are developing innovative solutions in both technology and business. MMC’s One Stop UAV Rental Centers could be the next major step forward for commercial drones – and for helicopter centers.

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