Macutex Signs Agreement With The Institute For Drone Technology

The Institute for Drone Technology (IfDT) and Macutex have signed an agreement to advance the use of drone technology in major projects throughout Australia. This agreement will see enhanced integration of drone technology into Macutex’s existing operations for large asset portfolio clients. The project aligns with Macutex’s clear aims of providing a zero harm environment for its employees and contractors working at heights, as well as significantly increasing the services capability of Macutex in terms of being able to provide clients with accurate and timely data with which to make asset decisions.


Macutex ( is a leading provider of asset data services to the property and facility asset industry. Macutex has worked with clients at all levels of government and within the private sector in all states and territories throughout Australia since 2006.


Macutex’s core business is to support owners and managers of multi-site asset portfolios to better understand their risks, opportunities and priorities, and to be more informed and confident when making decisions.


“We really look forward for working with the team at Macutex to bring drone technology safely and effectively into the industry. This is a prime example of how drone technology will both secure the safety of workers and increase the capability of asset owners to make decisions based on best-in-breed data collection and analysis processes.” Said The Institute for Drone Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Joel Spencer.


“Working collaboratively with the Institute for Drone Technology will not only enhance Macutex’s existing data capture and reporting capabilities, but will support the collective endeavour to adopt new technology in a way that is considered standard practice within the industry. We’re excited about working with the team at IfDT and the opportunities it brings for our clients and the industry as a whole.” Said Nathan Edwards, Managing Director of Macutex.

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