Ukrspecsystems 3-axis Gyro-stabilized Gimbals For Commercial Drones

Nowadays drones are widely used in a number of industrial applications. These flying robots provide unmatched advantages and a whole new range of capabilities for commercial clients allowing them to cut down operational costs. By eliminating the need of using expensive equipment or the need to temporarily shut down the infrastructure facilities for the purpose of inspection one may substantially eliminate overall costs. There is no doubt, that the most popular drones for inspections are from DJI family of commercial drones such as DJI S1000, DJI Matrice 600 and DJI Matrice 200. Many professionals around the world selected these drones for their everyday operations, that is why we are focused to create affordable and reliable payloads for the industry professionals to satisfy the most demanding users.


We are proud to introduce USG-301 and USG-302 industrial-grade camera gimbals! They are high-performance EO and EO/IR payloads for industrial applications. We make sure to use only the best components to deliver
outstanding solutions. Both gimbals feature 3-axis gyro- stabilization, advanced damping mounts and best in class sensors. USG-301 features Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom while USG-302 in addition to that has a
thermal camera to get the most out of your drone.


USG-301 and USG-302 feature Full HD Sony camera with 30x optical zoom, meaning that the payload operator always receives crystal clear images and powerful zoom allows to see even smallest details while maintaining safe
distance from the object. USG-302 dual-sensor gimbal on the other hand, additionally offers a thermal camera and the ability to switch quickly between the sensors or to stream both video feeds simultaneously.

Gimbals chassis offer high level of stabilization to keep sensors steady during the flight. We use high performance gimbal controller to ensure smooth movement of the gimbal and the advanced damping mount eliminates
vibrations from the airframe. There are also slip-rings integrated to the gimbal, so it could continuously rotate 360 degrees. Each of the gimbals can be easily mounted on a DJI airframe without any additional tools.

USG-301 and USG-302 gimbals have been successfully tested on commercial DJI airframes such us DJI Matrice 600 and DJI S1000. The installation process is very simple and the gimbal can be easily mounted on the airframe without any modifications. It is fully compatible with most popular video transmitter on the market such as DJI Lightbridge 1 and 2, Amimon Connex and Amimon Connex Mini. These transmitters can be attached to the
gimbal itself among with RC controller receiver, so you will be getting a complete “plug and play” system that simply needs to be mounted on the airframe and powered from drone power source.

Among with standard control functions, such us pan, tilt, camera zoom, defog feature, all our gimbals have Full HD on-board recording feature and ability to take still images, which provides great set of tools for inspections purposes. SD card can hold a few hours of Full HD video and dual sensor gimbal records both video feeds simultaneously, which allows you to review and analyse all materials later on to maximise the efficiency of the inspection. All of the features are easily controlled from standard RC (e.g. Futaba) by a payload operator. Optionally, we can stream video and control the gimbals over IP.

We have also successfully integrated USG-301 and USG-302 with many great heavy-lift drones from the US and European companies. For example, Eagle XF from UAV America is a great piece of equipment packed with great features such as sense and avoid system. The USG-301 was successfully integrated with Eagle XF and showed great results and clear image. Such setup works especially well for inspection and security applications and proved its efficiency in the field.


In conclusion, USG-301 and USG-302 can be customized to be used on nearly any multi-rotor drone and either could be delivered as a gimbal alone or as a complete system with the transmitter and RC control. Considering its
low price USG-301 and USG-302 gimbals are great options for industrial drone applications.


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