DJI, the World’s Leader in Civilian Drones and Aerial Imaging Technology, Joins ARPAS-UK

ARPAS-UK, the professional trade association for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems in the UK, is delighted to welcome DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, as a new member.


Over the last few years, ARPAS-UK has been working to provide an invaluable platform and network of support to the drone industry and many operators across the country, helping to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of unlocking the huge potential offered by the safe use of drones.


Perran Bonner, Chairman of ARPAS-UK, comments: “ARPAS-UK is delighted to welcome DJI as one of ARPAS-UK’s newest members. We welcome organizations and individuals working in every aspect of the drone industry, from manufacturing and distribution to operations, training and consultancy. We strongly believe that, with DJI as an active member, we will be able to help fulfil the needs of all our members and the markets in which they work.”


DJI embodies the exponential growth of the drone sector, from its beginnings in 2006 to a global workforce today, aspiring to empower operators across different countries and backgrounds. The company has been driving drone innovation since its inception, generating new uses for drones, many of which are being employed across the UK.


Christian Struwe, DJI’s Head of European Public Policy, says “As our global footprint continues to grow and already includes many users in the UK, we are fully committed to helping shape the right kind of environment to support these UK operators across the full swathe of sectors and the full range of commercial, governmental, scientific, artistic, research and recreational applications. DJI is delighted about becoming a member of ARPAS-UK, and we look forward to working together on this exciting journey.”


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