Komodo, RoboTiCan’s Multipurpose UGV Robot Reveals Seamless Quadcopter Integration

RoboTiCan, the manufacturer, and developer of autonomous robotic platforms, is proud to reveal full-scale deployment of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) robot integration with quadcopter technology using the RoboTiCan’s Komodo mobile robotic platform.


The successful project is the brainchild of Dr. Noa Agmon and Prof. Gal Kaminka from the Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University, who developed the quadcopter integration process with Komondo as a key component.


“Komodo is our most recognized and prestigious autonomous ground robot, and it is widely used for unique purposes and for research”, said Hagai Balsahi, RoboTiCan’s CEO. “Since RoboTiCan’s inception eight years ago, we have specialized in developing robots for distinct environments and exclusive needs, such as Special Forces, industry, industrial manufacturing (indoors and outdoors), clean-room production, logistics and research. Komodo has proven itself to be the most flexible platform in the market after accumulating thousands of hours of operating experience. This combination of technologies demonstrates for the first time the seamless and quick integration Komodo provides”, Hagai added.


The Komodo was integrated to an aerial robot in a specific environment for two purposes: to provide the ground robot and its operator a bird-eye view behind the horizon of the robot’s sensors; and for the drone to provide the Komodo an “anchor point” to improve its position and orientation.  By harnessing this technology, one aerial drone can support numerous ground robots by providing feedback of their relative position and helping control the GMV’s formation while in motion.


About RoboTiCan

RoboTiCan, an Israeli company located in Beer Sheva, was founded eight years ago by mechanical engineers and computer scientists who specialized in electro-mechanics and vision technology. After amassing years of experience in the delivery of high-end products around the world to defense organizations, academia and governments, RoboTiCan dedicated itself to become the leader in the autonomous robotic industry, while providing cutting-edge robots for special purposes and diverse environments. With a global client base, RoboTiCan continues its efforts to spearhead the industry and its products have been recognized often in international shows for ground and aerial robots, such as the 2017 World Intelligence Congress that was held in China.


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