Chaney Aerospace Providing Custom Ground Control Stations For UAS Industry

Chaney Aerospace, LLC today announced they are providing custom ground control stations (GCS) for the UAS industry. Custom ground control stations give operators the advantage to design a professional tool that fits specifically to their UAS. Ground control stations can be used to fly the UAV, plan flights, retrieve data, and process data in the field.


Custom GCS options include: 

  • Touch screen monitors
  • High brightness monitors
  • Computers
  • Joysticks
  • Video equipment
  • Silk screening
  • Power source
  • Antenna connectivity
  • Battery backup



“Custom ground control stations provide our customers the ability to get exactly what they want from their GCS,” said Will Chaney, CEO, Chaney Aerospace. “We recognize that UAV’s have a vast range of use and that means not everyone can use the same GCS.”

Built into Pelican and SKB cases, all custom GCS can travel with drone operators. Cases feature latches, wheels, handles and most importantly are water resistant.


Custom ground control stations are available now at


If you are interested in partnering with Chaney Aerospace to provide a GCS alongside your UAV please contact Will Chaney at


About Chaney Aerospace
Founded in 2014, Chaney Aerospace uses their expertise and experience in drone operations to design ground control stations. Chaney Aerospace provides solutions to the commercial drone industry that allow drone operators to command their drone.


To learn more about Chaney Aerospace and the products they offer, please visit and follow them on twitter @chaneyaerospace

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