Ocelleye Releases New “UAV Landing Zone” for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Ocelleye, LLC, a commercial drone operator in North America announced today the release of its UAV Landing Zone for unmanned aerial systems weighing less than twenty-five pounds. The company prides itself for innovative forward thinking and through its own experience operating multi-rotors saw the need for a safe and effective platform from which to operate their aircraft.

Greg Sherwin, President of Ocellye, LLC said “The UAV Landing Zone provides an elevated platform to support the drone during the setup and arming phases and then allows for a safe takeoff away from the dust and debris normally encountered on a construction site.“ Sherwin continued, “During a landing, the mesh surface allows the prop wash to pass below the landing surface, eliminating ground effect and also providing some cushion during quick descent.”

The UAV Landing Zone was developed over the course of a year and tested in conjunction with Ocelleye’s day to day operations. It provides a lightweight and highly portable platform keeping aircraft up and out of dust, debris, and wet conditions. It greatly reduces the risk of debris on camera lens and in sensitive gimbals and keeps your electronics elevated away from potentially wet ground conditions.

When deployed, the UAV Landing Zone measures 32” x 32” x 24” high and collapses to a 36” long by 3.5” diameter roll for transport and storage. Each unit is equipped with a reusable commercial-grade, protective carrying case.

UAV Landing Zones are currently available for pre-order at Ocelleye.com.

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