AOSSCI Presented The X-series Advanced UAS Solution At Paris Air Show

The International Paris Air show is one of the largest and most prestigious international aerospace exhibitions in the world. Sichuan AOSSCI Technology Co., Ltd, as the world’s leading industry level of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solution provider, was invited to participate in the 52nd Paris Air Show.

AOSSCI presented the latest X-series unmanned aerial vehicle system to worldwide exhibitors and the public. The system was generated from the self-developed digital platform, including flight platform, ground control station, datalink, payload, integrated logistics support, and other key subsystems. Moreover, the system is flexible to deploy with fully autonomous flight capability and worry-free handling quality and provides professional solutions for the industry through the modular multi-configuration.


X-series unmanned aerial vehicles successfully filled the Chinese UAVs’ technological gaps of vertical take-off with high-efficiency horizontal flight, with the advantages in cutting-edge technologies of long endurance, high-precision and unmanned operation, and autonomous flight to complete missions. In the future, AOSSCI will enter more application fields of electric power supervision, oil exploration, environmental protection, and security.

X-Swift is a fixed-wing unmanned aerial equipment with large aspect ratio. Utilizing the takeoff and landing mode from multi-rotor UAV delivery and network recovery, the X-Swift achieves ultra-long endurance, which can satisfy market demands.

X-Hawk is a pure-electric and tailstock industrial UAV, combined with multi-rotor and fixed-wing advantages, and can take off vertically in narrow terrains and harsh environments. X-Hawk does not depend on an airport or runway and can be widely used in many industries and scenarios. It can take off to a default height and rapidly transferred to the horizontal flight mode into the task area to complete reconnaissance, surveillance, tracking, aerial survey, and other missions, and then return to base, from the horizontal flight to vertical landing mode. The whole process is controlled by the intelligent flight control system to achieve worry free return.

AOSSCI has drawn attention from the international UAV industry of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China“, received experts‘ praise and procurement intentions from a number of countries and enterprises. The success of domestic unmanned aerial vehicles not only marked the steady improvement of China’s scientific and technological innovation, but also means that China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry’s leading capabilities, and furthermore confirms the strategy of China’s “Belt and Road” vision.

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