Elbit Systems Introduces SkyStriker An Armament System In The Form Of A UAV

Elbit Systems is showcasing its autonomous loitering munitions system known as the SkyStriker at Paris Air Show this week.

The SkyStriker can be utilized for covert and precise airstrikes. It is a combination of smart guided munitions with the capabilities of an armament system in the form of a UAV.

The new platform is based on Elbit Systems’ vast experience providing precise long-range tactical solutions.


The SkyStriker has the capacity to abort the mission up to two seconds from impact. Furthermore, when this action is taken it allows the operator to return the system home or scour the area further dependent on the mission requirements.



SkyStriker is able to locate, acquire and strike operator-marked targets enabling high-precision performance. The system’s electric propulsion provides a low acoustic signature and enables covert low altitude operations. Due to its flight speed capability, it can reach a distance of tens of kilometers within minutes. Upon reaching the target area, it can loiter and pursue the target for up to two hours.

SkyStriker offers quick deployment and ease of operation in the field, provides forces with the ability to observe and identify an enemy target before delivering a rapid precision airstrike. Its remote operation capability reduces operators’ exposure to detection or enemy fire while guiding the LM to its target. In addition to high accuracy, long range and a significant loitering time, the SkyStriker is capable of carrying up to ten kilograms of munitions. The system also provides significant flexibility such as the ability to choose any target, to engage at any direction and in various angles (shallow to steep) while significantly decreasing costs. Moreover, SkyStriker enables the operator to abort a strike up to two seconds to impact, to re-engage and in case of lack of authorized targets to order a safe return home.

Elad Aharonson General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR Division said: “SkyStriker is a force multiplier for the units in the field allowing them to perform precise missions without putting them in harms way.”

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