Aeromapper Talon Demonstrates BVLOS Capabilities By flying 30Km Away From Operators

An Aeromapper Talon operator has flown a mission autonomously to a target located 30km away from them while maintaining at all times a strong communications and control link. This demonstrates the great potential for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations for applications such as power line and pipeline monitoring, roadways survey, surveillance and wildlife control, and long linear missions in general. Best of all, the Aeromapper Talon costs only a fraction compared to systems with similar capabilities, traditionally 2x or 3x more expensive.

The mission was carried out in the Andes Mountains of South America. The location of the flight is situated at 2,800m above sea level and the flight was performed at a cruise altitude of 250m agl. The UAV travelled over a body of water during 50% of the flight. The drone travelled a total distance of 60km in one hour of flight, still having plenty of flight time left, thanks to its 2 hour flight endurance. The UAV could have gone further than 30km but the operators decided to bring it back since the area in the path of the UAV was full of high peaks in excess of 3,500 m above sea level. Further missions are being planned to demonstrate the capabilities to reach 50km. The Aeromapper 300 also uses the same long range communication system.

Powerful solution for linear mission challenges

At Aeromao Inc, we constantly receive many requests from clients wanting to fly linear missions sometimes to survey thousands of kilometers of pipelines, power lines or roadways. Having done ourselves hundreds of kilometers of linear projects in the past we know very well the challenges faced during this type of operations.

The Aeromapper Talon proves to be the key solution because of its capabilities and affordability. Linear missions usually demand the following set of characteristics from a UAV, in which the Aeromapper Talon excels in all:

  • Able to operate in difficult terrain and with a mobile GCS with a reliable strong communications.
  • Quick deployment and easy operation: the Aeromapper Talon can be flight ready in 15 minutes and is one of the easiest UAVs to operate.
  • Quick deployment and easy operation: the Aeromapper Talon can be flight ready in 15 minutes and is one of the easiest UAVs to operate.
  • Several cycles of takeoff and landings per day from different locations: here the hand launch and parachute landing are pretty much a MUST have. A large area survey needs the flexibility of operating from virtually anywhere.
  • Reliable and easy to repair in the field, as well as affordable and interchangeable spare parts.


Complete UAV solution, multiple fronts

The Aeromapper Talon is also a multi-mission payload complete solution for all your fronts such as agriculture, centimeter accurate surveys, surveillance and monitoring thanks to its full range of payloads

  • 24 Mp RGB + with Parrot Sequoia simultaneously: complete your full survey at high resolution and get vegetation data in a single flight.
  • 24 Mp RG + Thermal Infrared: How about a high-resolution mission where Thermal information is required? Ideal for pipeline or wildlife monitoring.
  • Forward-looking day/night payload: need an affordable surveillance and observation platform with long range video streaming? All systems are swappable easily in case you need to do mapping missions as well.

    Micasense RedEdge: serious agriculture power with this swappable payload option.

  • GNSS PPK: eliminate GCPs and achieve up to 3 cm of accuracy for those engineering projects. Also available as a swappable payload that can be easily removed if required.
  • Pix4DMapper Aeromao Edition: serious post processing power for the most exhaustive power, available in an affordable bundle package with the complete UAV system.
  • Agisfot Photoscan Pro: affordable and flexible post processing software to become a post-processing Ninja.

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