Introducing IntelliSky Studio Single Capture Analytics

The major constraint for effective use of UAS in agriculture is the time and complexity of data processing. With current solutions, it can take hours of processing or data upload just to visualize even a small area of a farm, research plot, vineyard, or golf course. We at intelliSky sought to find a solution. intelliSky is proud to introduce intelliSky Studio. intelliSky Studio focuses on single capture analytics, allowing you to capture only what you need, reducing the dataset requirements 7 fold or more, and, get usable data in a matter of seconds. By focusing on the specific area’s you want to monitor and only gathering the data you need, multispectral drone imagery is now a practical solution to optimize your growing strategies!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Rapid Processing (10 seconds or less on most computers)
  • No overlap required
  • Capture only what you need
  • Daily analytics now possible
  • Custom index generation
  • Custom colorizations
  • Exportable images and statistics
  • Polygon tool for statistical and historical analytics
  • Great complementary tool to traditional mosaicing methods

Currently, we support the Parrot™  Sequoia™ but plan to add additional sensors in the near future along with many new exciting features.

Visit our website, and download a free trial today!

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