Desert Rotor Released The Next Generation Portable UAS Ground Station

Desert Rotor has officially released the next generation of portable unmanned GCS (Ground Control System) using the HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick) layout. The revolutionary system eliminates countless preflight procedures and empowers commercial UAV users to pilot and manage countless types of unmanned aircraft. The system can be interfaced with virtually any aircraft type, autopilot system and software available.

In an upcoming environment of multiple sensors, advanced payload/gimbal systems, BVLOS, IoT, 4G/LTE, RTK, satellite networks, embedded PCs, modems and upcoming ADS-B the 12PCX HOTAS elevates ground operations to the necessary next level. Archaic R/C transmitters, bulky laptops, multiple unreliable components, cables, connectors, batteries, chargers and low functionality mobile devices will not be able to keep up with the upcoming challenges.


PNP (Plug and Play) Solution – Reduce cables, connectors, scattered components, and compatibility headaches. All-in-one solution for drone piloting via FPV (First Person View), so you can set up and fly faster.

Portable – The Pelican© 1510 Case is FAA overhead compartment size approved.

Flexible – Bind to the most current and future fixed wing or rotary unmanned vehicles.

Flight Control – Fly naturally and smoothly with a reduced learning curve using our HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick) configuration with 3-axis stick and throttle slider.

Computer – Run your telemetry and mission planning software of choice on the internal computer with built-in keyboard and mouse.

USB – 4 panels mounted powered USB jacks for charging and connectivity with the internal computer.


Control – Desert Rotor Ground Stations are compatible with DragonLink, ezUHF, Spektrum, and Futaba. Just plug the transmitter module into the Ground Station and experience the future of UAV flight.

Video – Plug and play your desired video receiver under the access plate and connect antennas to the panel mounted jacks. Optional 5.8GHz Video Receiver and IftronTech© 5.8GHz Patch Vitenna© circularly polarized antennas (shown in product renderings).

Desert Rotor is also offering aerospace companies the ability to OEM the platform and sell it under their own likeness and brand.

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