Circuit Scribe DIY Drone Kit Lets Kids Draw Their Own Circuits

Circuit Scribe announced the release of their revolutionary DIY electronic kits, made with just printer paper, a Circuit Scribe pen, and a circuit. A progression from education use to application, the paper kits are currently available exclusively on their Kickstarter campaign.

“Our new DIY kits emphasize the creativity and power that Circuit Scribe can have for truly prototyping electronics,” said Brett Walker, Circuit Scribe founder and CEO. “The original kits have a strong following and are very good education tools. The new kits allow the user to make a real device.”

Conductive Silver Ink Pen
Circuit Scribe is the original conductive ink rollerball pen. Creators can draw anything with a non-toxic, highly conductive, silver and water based ink. This is how even children can draw instantly functioning circuits by hand. Backers of the original Kickstarter campaign have used the pen for education, prototyping, and electronic art. This low-cost, high-quality electronics kit allows kids and adults alike to express their personality through their own unique creations.

“As with our original education kits, we are excited to see what our vast user base will create beyond what we originally thought of,” said Walker.

The Original Circuit Scribe product was the widely popular, crushing their $85,000 crowdfunding goal and raising a staggering $675,000 from over 12,000 backers!

The Drone Kit
The most popular of the DIY kits is the electronic drone. This kit literally flies off the page! Parents working together with their children can create a 4-propeller drone using cardboard and the Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen. The DIY drone kit will include perforated sections that ensure symmetrical shapes. The shapes can be configured and reconfigured in multiple variations to change the drone’s size.

Company Background
The genesis of Circuit Scribe began in the Fall of 2014 when an inspired light bulb moment by CEO S. Brett Walker brought him together with co-founder, Analisa Russo, PhD. Dr. Walker received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and worked on reactive silver inks at the University of Illinois. Also at the University was Analisa Russo, Content Creator and co-founder.  Her passion about STEM education allowed her to invent a tool that was affordable yet of the highest quality for a class or at the kitchen table.

Learn more about Circuit Scribe’s DIY electronic kits exclusively on Kickstarter and start drawing your own fun creations.

Connect with Circuit Scribe on social media @Circuitscribe and on Facebook.

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