New Zealands X-craft And Ukrainian UKR Spec Sign Distribution Deal

The New Zealand company X-craft ( has signed a deal with the Ukrainian company UKR Spec ( for reciprocal distribution of their full catalog of aircraft and gimbal systems. This is the first time X-craft, primarily a Research and Development focused organization, has secured the opportunity to export its systems to Europe. The deal also opens market access for UKR Spec to clients in the South Pacific where long range fixed wing operations and all-weather capability are seen as essential elements for the operational environment of island nations.

UKR Spec was born out of the war against Russian separatists in the Ukraine and as such their products have been battle tested in the harshest environments. This is a perfect fit for X-craft’s operational aspects which focus on the Emergency Response sector where rugged, all-weather capability are a fundamental requirement. Although X-craft is a custom rather than mass product manufacturer, it is excited to have export access to Europe, where it will offer a range of new product innovations which are currently being kept confidential.

New Zealand and Australian Civil Air Authorities have been proactive in the UAS sector and this has flagged a great deal of interest from international companies eager to take advantage of the Research and Development environment that this offers. Meanwhile, a great deal of indigenous innovation, particularly in New Zealand and Australia, has already flourished and these South Pacific nations are now looking outwards, to export to the rest of the world.

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