UAS Mapping Software Developer Pix4D Expands R&D In Berlin

Drone-mapping software developer Pix4D announces the opening of a research and development office in Berlin, Germany.

Pix4D products rely on advanced principles of photogrammetry, computer vision, and machine learning. “By opening this office, we’re showing in a very physical way how seriously our products are connected to research and development”, says Pix4D founder and CEO Christoph Strecha.

“Our software was built on rigorous academic work, and we believe by maintaining this commitment, we’ll continue to be on the cutting-edge of technology and serve our clients’ needs.”

The office in Berlin will continue to develop vertical applications and enhance Pix4D’s strength in low-level computer vision and photogrammetry.

“This investment is possible due to the substantial growth of Pix4D, doubling its turnover every year since 2011, reaching $14 million in 2016. We see that professional mapping applications on Pix4D’s Desktop and Cloud continue to grow rapidly. Application-specific features and an improved understanding of our marketplace will increase this speed even more,” continues Strecha.

Pix4D is accepting applications for R&D positions and support staff for the Berlin office on their website:

About Pix4D

Pix4D is the industry leader in professional drone mapping and photogrammetric software solutions. Based in Switzerland, with offices in Berlin, San Francisco, and Shanghai.  The company’s end-to-end solutions empower individuals to instantly capture their own 3D maps of changing environments. Images taken by hand, by drone or by plane are automatically converted into georeferenced 2D mosaics, 3D surface models, and point clouds.


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