Optelos Introduces PointCloud Visualizer Enabling UAS Operators To Easily Create Data Models

Optelos announces the PointCloud Visualizer™, which revolutionizes the drone industry by enabling drone operators to easily upload data to the cloud and then create data models, which can be viewed and shared with clients and stakeholders.

Pix4D, DroneDeploy, and other drone mapping software are excellent solutions for processing and generating detailed data models. The challenge, however, is sharing these models with clients, especially when the data set is hundreds of megabytes to several gigabytes in size.

Optelos Drone Work Advisor platform with the new PointCloud Visualizer™ feature simplifies the process of managing and sharing large point cloud models by utilizing your browser along with an innovative, secure, and extensible data management platform.  View, manage, and deliver point cloud models in just three steps:

  1. Upload data: Operators export their point cloud data in LAS, LAZ, or PLY format to the Optelos Drone Work Advisor platform.
  2. Process data: Optelos processes files, and notifies operators when they are ready to view, usually within an hour.
  3. Deliver data: Operators can view and manipulate the models, using any browser.  With a few clicks, the models and other project data can then be shared with clients and stakeholders.

“We are excited to be able to provide this unique feature to the drone community,” explains David Tran, CEO of Optelos. “As producers of detail data models ourselves we understand the challenges of delivering these complex data files in an elegant way to stakeholders.”

The PointCloud Visualizer™ is available at no extra costs to Optelos professional and enterprise subscription customers. This new features complement Optelos drone data management solutions, which provide unified data management and AI analytics, all in one place, connected via the cloud.

For complete product details, please visit Optelos at http://www.optelos.com


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