Drone Aviation Introduces FUSE Automated Smart Winch Tethering System

Drone Aviation Holding Corp.  a manufacturer of tethered drones and lighter-than-air aerostats, today introduced FUSE, its automated smart winch tethering system designed to meet the unique specifications for DJI Inspire drones, the world’s most popular commercial drone. Utilizing a new patent-pending power pack, the FUSE Tether System maximizes drone use for both Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 owners.

By integrating the FUSE Tether System, DJI Inspire users dramatically and affordably increase drone flight time with uninterrupted power from the ground, facilitating long duration flight operations by news media, first responders, infrastructure inspectors, and insurance companies, just to name a few. In commercial applications such as these, DJI Inspire drones are the most commonly used platforms with >70% market share according to Frost & Sullivan research. FUSE is based on the same military-grade advanced tethering technology utilized in the Company’s tethered products sold to the U.S. Department of Defense, including the WATT electric tethered drone, and is an important element for compliance with the FAA’s Part 107 commercial drone safety guidelines.

“Targeting the enterprise and commercial markets is a natural and significant step for our business as we see increased demand from organizations in the marketplace for tethered products in the commercial price range. Working with products produced by DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone manufacturer, we look forward to enhancing the safety and flight capability of current and future DJI drone models as more businesses integrate drones into their operations,” said Jay Nussbaum, Chairman and CEO of Drone Aviation.

According to Goldman Sachs’ research report, “Drones Reporting for Work”, the firm is forecasting a $100 billion market opportunity during the period from 2016 to 2020 for drones helped by growing demand from the commercial and civil government sectors. Commercial/professional drones are currently used in applications, including agriculture, infrastructure inspection, monitoring and security, and land surveying, as well as by news gathering organizations and first responders such as law enforcement and fire departments. In a drone market report by PWC, research highlighted top commercial applications such as the markets Drone Aviation is targeting, including infrastructure, security and media/entertainment, represent as much as half of the estimated $127 billion global addressable market for commercial drone technology.

The FUSE Tether System is comprised of a customized power pack and an Automated Smart Tension Control Winch Case with 200ft. of tether supporting 110-volt ground power sources including portable generators.

The FUSE Inspire Tether System is available for pre-order. For more information on the FUSE Inspire Tether System, please visit http://www.droneaviationcorp.com/solutions/tether-system or contact the Company at sales@droneaviationcorp.com.


About Drone Aviation Holding Corp.

Drone Aviation Holding Corp.  develops and manufactures cost-effective, compact and rapidly deployable aerial platforms, including lighter-than-air aerostats and electric-powered drones designed to provide government and commercial customers with enhanced surveillance and communication capabilities. Utilizing a patented tether system, Drone Aviation’s products are designed to provide prolonged operational duration capabilities combined with improved reliability, uniquely fulfilling critical requirements in military, law enforcement, commercial, and industrial applications. For more information about Drone Aviation, please visit

For more information about Drone Aviation, please visit www.DroneAviationCorp.co

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