Deveron Receives National Approval to Operate Drones Across Canada

Deveron UAS Corp. is pleased to announce that it has been granted approval as a Compliant Operator under its Special Flight Operations Certificate (“SFOC”) for the operation of a small unmanned airborne vehicle (“UAV” or “Drone”) system within visual line-of-sight, issued under the authority of the Minister, Transport Canada, pursuant to the Aeronautics Act.  The certificate is valid for aerial data collection and surveying throughout Canada, and meets the highest level of approvals under Transport Canada’s regulatory environment related to UAV activities.

Deveron is one of the first companies in the country to receive this Compliant status as well as one of the first to receive Compliant approval using the senseFly eBee UAV system.

“Our focus is to grow a standardized network of drones to enable scalable data collection at the enterprise level in agriculture,” commented Deveron’s Co-founder and Head of UAS Agriculture, Norm Lamothe.  “Being one of the first nationally compliant operators in Canada is a huge achievement for us and we look forward to continuing to provide commercial feedback in safely operating a national drone data service company.  Additionally, we couldn’t be more thrilled to achieve compliance with the senseFly platform and are excited about continuing to bring their global leadership in the drone space directly to our customers”.

“This award of national compliance is excellent news for Deveron UAS. The company has rapidly become a major and respected player on the North American agricultural scene and its SFOC will give it the flexibility required to continue servicing clients at scale,” said Jean-Christophe Zufferey, the CEO of senseFly. “From our side, we are delighted to play a small part in the company’s ongoing success through producing fleet-friendly, end-to-end eBee drone platforms that Deveron’s team can rely on for accurate, consistent data collection across Canada and beyond.”

senseFly was founded in 2009 and has quickly become a global leader in mapping drones.  Over 370,000 flights have been completed to date with platforms developed by senseFly.  More information can be found at

About Deveron UAS:

Deveron is a Transport Canada Compliant Operator enterprise drone data services company focused on agriculture, offering the opportunity to increase yields and reduce costs using sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS” or “drones”), sensors, software and analytics.  Deveron’s drone data service network allows enterprise level customers to obtain on-demand, actionable data without exposure to technology and capital risks.  The Company is focused on building a standardized constellation of drones and sensors to provide data in North America.

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