Heron 1 UAS To Replace Israeli Manned Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Heron 1 unmanned aerial systems are to replace manned Sea Scan maritime patrol aircraft of the Israeli Air Force.

Israel Aerospace Industries, maker of the Heron 1, said the maritime Heron will feature maritime radar and an electro-optical payload suitable for maritime patrol and intelligence gathering missions.

The maritime model’s electro-optical payload, the MOSP, will be made by IAI’s TAMAM division, while the maritime surveillance radar will be made by ELTA.

“The Heron 1 has proved its capability to perform long-range, long-endurance maritime patrol mission.: said Shaul Shahar, IAI executive vice president and general manager of the Military Aircraft Group. “Thanks to its unique features and upgraded payloads, the Heron 1 provides a better solution for the maritime patrol mission than currently exists at the IAF.”

Israel Aerospace Industries:
IAI Ltd. is Israel’s largest aerospace and defense company and a globally recognized technology and innovation leader, specializing in developing and manufacturing advanced, state-of-the-art systems for air, space, sea, land, cyber and homeland security. Since 1953, the company has provided advanced technology solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide including: satellites, missiles, weapon systems and munitions, unmanned and robotic systems, radars, C4ISR and more. IAI also designs and manufactures business jets and aerostructures, performs overhaul and maintenance on commercial aircraft and converts passenger aircraft to refueling and cargo configurations.

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