Terra Drone Co. Fly’s Successful BVLOS In Vietnam Using Terra UTM

Terra Drone Co. has succeeded in flying UAV Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) under the full cooperation of  Dang Huy Dong, Vietnamese Deputy Minister in Da Nang, Vietnam using Terra UTM (UAV Traffic Management).

Vietnam has the third largest population in ASEAN countries, and rapid population growth and technology development are progressing. However, in Vietnam, foreign companies have some concerns to tap into markets in Vietnam because of the number of natural disasters and infrastructure deficiencies. Therefore, utilization of drones technologies is rapidly increasing in improving infrastructure and disaster relief, and further demand is growing.

“ Our group company, Terra Motors Co., has been manufacturing and selling EV in Vietnam for six years and have the strong relationship with the Vietnamese government. Terra Drone will also contribute to expansion and prosperity in Vietnam using our Terra UTM system.”, said Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone.

In the future, based on this success, we will further verify and enhance our technology. Terra Drone are promoting the development of new technology to contribute to disaster relief and infrastructure improvement not only in Southeast Asia but around the world.

For more information visit Terra-drone.net/en/


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