Airborne Response Unveils Emergency Response Drone Pilot Network

Miami drone services startup Airborne Response is continuing to build the World’s Largest Air Force™ with the launch of a new program that is slated to become the largest remote pilot network for emergency response operations on the planet.  The Airborne Incident Response Team (AIRT) will recruit, train, certify, and deploy drone pilots from around the globe to assist in search and rescue missions and response operations for a wide range of incidents.

AIRT pilots will complete a prescribed training regimen administered via Airborne Response consisting of instructional material from the FAA, FEMA, and other world-wide subject matter experts.  As AIRT members complete designated training courses and gain additional knowledge and skills, they will be continuously rated on their increasing levels of proficiency as an AIRT Remote SAR Pilot.

“Unmanned aircraft systems represent a new evolution in aviation operations for emergency response,” says Christopher Todd, president of Airborne Response.  “AIRT will serve as a force-multiplier capable of augmenting first responders and public safety agencies around the world with drone technology when needed.”

While all FAA-certified remote pilots are encouraged to join AIRT, hobbyist drone operators are also welcome to participate in the AIRT program and commence formal training as an AIRT Remote SAR Pilot.  Airborne Response stresses that FAA – or other appropriate governing agency regulations based upon geographic location – will always be followed for any operational area where AIRT is responding.

“We will respect and closely follow FAA Part 107 regulations governing commercial use of UAS for all Airborne Response associated flight operations,” says Todd.  Nevertheless, we welcome the opportunity to engage AMA and hobbyist drone pilots who want to gain knowledge and proficiency in emergency response aviation operations.  We believe the AIRT program will help bridge the current gap between hobbyist and commercial remote pilots as they pursue common goals to serve the greater good of their community.”

Drone owners and operators interested in learning more about AIRT are encouraged to visit

About Airborne Response
Airborne Response is building the World’s Largest Air Force™.  As an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) company based in Miami Beach, Florida, Airborne Response helps business enterprises and government organizations innovate with the power and grace of aerial drone technologies.

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