Rapid Composites Presents Bullray VTOL/UAS At XPONENTIAL 2017

Rapid Composites™ is proud to present Bullray – the first rugged, fully autonomous, amphibious, waterproof, man-portable, multi-mission, VTOL that is optionally configured for less-than-lethal applications.  The aircraft can be configured as a tri, quad, hex and even as a X4-copter covering a wide spectrum of markets.

Bullray’s rugged design is capable of performing in all weather conditions and does not require a transit case.  All fuselage components are made of carbon fiber and can be rapidly customized to support the most demanding Commercial, Law Enforcement, and Military customer needs.

The new heavy lift version of the Bullray will be unveiled at the AUVSI-XPONENTIAL/Dallas (Booth 121) and at SOFIC/Tampa (Booth 804) during the 2017 shows featuring a FN 303® launcher system capable of incapacitating a suspect with one round and carries a total of 15.

Most of the existing VTOL UAV/UASs have many drawbacks to include; too many parts, cannot fly in the rain, or too fragile whereby requiring the need to be transported in a heavy rugged case.

Rapid’s team examined the existing VTOL marketplace to identify common denominators and identify voids to develop a ready-to-go, fast deployable system that would overshadow all other bulky and time-consuming processes currently plaguing most other UAV/UAS Aircraft. This resulted in the development of an entirely new category of autonomous aircraft.

Significant intellectual property was identified and protected, collectively capturing the Rapid’s new advances in design, construction methodologies, materials, and manufacturing.

“Our company recently purchased a new state-of-the-art facility with expanded molding and CNC capabilities. We work on time, on budget and within the most exacting standards of precision and performance,” said Matt Dressig, Rapid’s Industrial Design Manager of its UAS business segment.  “My team plans to unveil a new game changing UAV/UAS every year!”

Rapid Composites™ selected industry partners with uniquely relevant experiences such as FN Herstal, S.A., FN America, LLC,  Surefire, Steiner Optics and FLIR Systems to help form a comprehensive and powerful solution within the UAV/UAS Industry.

New Innovations:

  • Amphibious water resistant IP65 VTOL design that is capable of flying in all weather conditions
  • Man-portable (push button folding booms and fits in the trunk of almost any vehicle)
  • Fully integrated, bespoke, electronically triggered FN 303® launcher system for Law Enforcement and Military applications only.
  • Rugged MIL-STD-810G construction (no transit case required)
  • With an LOA of approximately 72″ the Bullray™ has a 10.5kg additional payload capacity when including the launcher
  • 1 button and it’s in the air (15 second deployment)
  • 15-20 minutes of flight time (varies depending on payload and weather conditions)
  • Features 3 integrated Picatinny rails providing easy mounting for almost any implement
  • Significantly lower part count than other VTOL UAS aircraft by combining more features into its uniquely molded parts.
  • Manufactured using advanced quasi-Isotropic composite materials throughout its airframe (the entire fuselage can be molded in 5 minutes to its net shape using Rapid’s automated press systems and proprietary molding techniques)
  • Lightweight aerodynamic fuselage (14.25kg/flying without ISR or launcher payloads)
  • Integrated Surefire weapon 1,200 lumens light system (optional)
  • Multi-spectral sensor systems available (optional)


  • Law Enforcement
  • SWAT
  • Military
  • port security
  • Anti-piracy
  • NBC detection
  • EOD
  • Laser illumination
  • re-supply
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • counter drone systems
  • door breaching and any other tactical or rugged commercial application

For more information visit our XPONENTIAL 2017 online press kit: http://xponential.vporoom.com/RapidComposites

About Rapid Composites™:

Since 1999 Rapid Composites™ has been an established provider of engineering and manufacturing services with the skill, training, expertise and resources to take projects from concept to production.

Rapid Composites™ offers a wide array of services including industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, prototyping, tooling, high-speed carbon fiber molding, and production. We specialize in developing products from the ground up and are capable of executing a “start to finish” process entirely under one roof.

For additional media and information, please follow us at: www.rapidcomposites.com

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