MMC Spider Completes Over 300,000KM Of Power Line Stringing

Drone technology is relatively new – but the clear success of drone implementation has led to the rapid adoption in the energy industry. Leading commercial drone manufacturer MMC has now completed over 300,000KM of power line stringing across the globe. Tested in the dramatic landscapes of mountains across the Asian continent, rainforests in Indonesia, and challenging urban environments, the lessons learned to make the MMC Spider the undisputed leader in the field – and MMC has created a total solution to allow energy companies everywhere to utilize it.

Power line stringing in difficult terrain offers multiple challenges. Over mountainous areas, and crossing valley or rivers, projects are not only labor intensive and expensive but can be life-threatening to the workforce. Many projects require stringing over hot lines: performing this task by drone ensures the safety of the operator. Projects that call for crossing plantations or protected areas are often blocked by environmental regulations, a hurdle easily overcome with a fly-over solution.

MMC’s customers offer enthusiastic testimonials to the effect that the Spider Solution has had in solving their most difficult problems.

“I never imagined that drones could substitute for manpower to complete such a difficult project,” says Praphan Ooraikul, manager of CHC Engineering Co. in Thailand. “We’ve found a trustworthy partner to complete our power transmission construction.”

In East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, contractors work with weather conditions always in mind. The high mountain region comprised of remote islands is a challenging environment. “It’s a race against time,” says a representative from PT. Mega Eltra. “We are always racing against the fog – not to mention the rain and the wind. But with the MMC drone, we’ve completed the project, bringing power to the local people.”

Bhutan is a landlocked country in the Himalayas, where steep terrain combines with the lack of access to towers to make power line stringing extremely challenging. “This is clearly the best product for transmission line stringing in the mountains,” says Ratish Kumar Das, Stringing Manager for KEC International. “The best part is stringing over hot lines – keep up the good work!”

“The MMC drone is unbelievably useful in difficult scenarios,” says another team member. “The drone satisfies all requirements in structure and performance.”

The Spider Solution includes the MMC X6 industrial drone, with an option to utilize the A6 weather resistant drone; an intelligent drop system with the camera; and cable reel with guidelines. The total package provides the T9 Remote Controller with a display screen, batteries, charger, and carrying cases – and MMC provides a customized solution of support and services to meet your companies needs.

Because drone technology is new, it can be difficult for companies or contractors unfamiliar with the solution to understand how it works. To address the issue MMC now offers a 1 km free demo service anywhere in the world. The MMC professional team will travel to any location and utilize the Spider power line stringing solution in your environment, clearly demonstrating the powerful benefits of a drone solution to all stakeholders. MMC will also be holding a free demo event in Thailand on June 7. In cooperation with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the MMC team will fly the Spider drone over the Andaman Sea from Phuket Island, connecting 1200 meters of high-voltage power lines. For more information or to register for the event, please contact

MMC’s total suite of services and support ensure a successful project. With certified training programs, pre- and post- sale support, and a dedicated staff of engineers, pilots and flight experts available, any company can adopt the Spider solution. For companies without the available staffing to implement a drone program, MMC offers Spider drone rentals and power line stringing services in Southeast Asian countries.

MMC is a global leader in commercial drone manufacturing. Their 8 years of experience, proven track record in the field, and extensive network of support and services make the Spider solution the safe and effective choice for power line stringing.

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