Drone Studio Selects Urbanimmersive Marketplace For All Customer Transactions

Urbanimmersive Inc. a real estate content marketing platform, is pleased to announce the signing of a 5 year affiliate program agreement with Drone Studio, a top aerial real estate photography agency, for the use of Urbanimmersive’s visual content marketplace (Centris® Marketplace)(Marketplace) for 100% of their real estate customer business transactions. All customer business transactions of Drone Studio taking place on the platform will grow Urbanimmersive’s top-line revenue and the Marketplace will then take a transaction fee in line with its current pricing model on each transaction generated through its platform. The real estate division of Drone Studio generated an average of $50,000 annually for the last two fiscal years.

Québec-based Drone Studio is one of the few drone operators to have a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) which is a crucial aspect in the real estate industry. The SFOC, received from Transport Canada, allows them to provide aerial photo shoot services in the entire province in both urban and non-urban zones within 3 days notice. Drone Studio has collaborated on a number of projects and boasts an impressive customer portfolio serving major TV producers in Québec. (More information available on www.dronestudio.ca )

« This is the second visual content provider to join our Affiliate Program in less than a week, » stated Ghislain Lemire, CEO of Urbanimmersive. « Our Marketplace continues to gain traction since its recent official launch and we firmly believe that our Affiliated Program has the ability to encourage the active participation of additional specialized photographers and visual content providers. »

Patrick St-Arnaud, President of Drone Studio, said, « The Marketplace Affiliate Program is definitely a must have for specialized visual content providers like us. It provides the marketing, the flexibility and the productivity we need to excel in this highly competitive market segment. » M. St-Arnaud added, « With this program, we are confident we will increase our real estate division business revenues. »

Drone Studio becomes the first aerial photography agency to join Urbanimmersive Marketplace’s Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program is offered to visual content providers ready to use Urbanimmersive’s Marketplace for 100% of their real estate business transactions. The program provides real estate photography agencies and photographers an increased marketing visibility in the Centris® Marketplace while enabling to effectively manage their internal operations and account receivables. The Affiliate Program offers a white label ordering interface, presenting only services offered by the agency or by other Marketplace’s content providers selected by the agency. It also provides a dashboard to manage bookings and payments from incoming customers phone calls, emails and SMS. As part of the Affiliate Program, visual content providers become Urbanimmersive resellers of the Company’s internal products and services.

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