Bishop Fox to Present “Highway to the Danger Drone” At KSPE

Bishop Fox, a leading global cybersecurity consulting firm, will present “Highway to the Danger Drone” at the 82nd Annual Convention of the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers (KSPE) on April 20, 2017 in Covington, KY. Dan Petro, senior security associate, and David Latimer, security analyst, will demonstrate Bishop Fox’s “Danger Drone,” a penetration testing drone that was introduced at the BlackHat USA 2016 security conference “to great acclaim,” according to DroneMagazine.

The Danger Drone is a Raspberry Pi-based quadcopter that is both inexpensive (a few hundred dollars) and easy to create ­– making it the first practical drone solution for pentesters. It can be used to perform aerial reconnaissance, attack wireless infrastructure and companies, land on target facility roofs, serve as a persistent unauthorized backdoor, and much more.

 Bishop Fox will demonstrate how the Danger Drone can be used to attack “over the air” protocols such as RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. The presentation will showcase the hardware and software needed to create the tool, including Bishop Fox’s custom Raspberry Pi SD card image, detailed parts list, 3-D print objects, and instructions to create a Danger Drone of your own.

“Thanks to the popularity of the Internet of Things, we expect to see an upswing in over the air attacks,” said Latimer. “Drones have emerged as the prevailing weapon of choice in this cyber warfare since they can increase the range of attacks, and decrease the likelihood of getting caught.”

“Our talk will be aimed at equipping pentesters with the tools of the future,” added Petro. “Once they learn how to take advantage of these attack tools and techniques, they can test the effectiveness of their drone defenses, eliminate exposed attack vectors, and ultimately help safeguard their organizations.”

Bishop Fox is an independent cybersecurity firm that protects businesses from today’s increasing security threats. Headquartered in the Phoenix area since its start in 2005, the firm provides assessment and penetration testing and enterprise security consulting services to the world’s leading organizations.

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