Pro-Drone Announces International Licensing Agreement With Arth-Wind

Pro-Drone, S.A., a leading organization in automated drones for wind turbine’s blade surveys, announces its first licensing agreement with Brazilian wind energy specialist Arth-Wind to provide quality and safe inspections of wind blades to the Brazilian market.

Arth-Wind is a company with a group of professionals with more than 9 years of experience in the Wind Market, with extensive experience in blade fleet management, Arth-Wind brings innovation and high technology helping operators and OEM to reduce O&M costs.

Pro-Drone will provide the required payload and control systems, customized web platform, training and assistance, while Arth-Wind will address the customized reporting commercial development and field surveys to the Brazilian customers. Pro-Drone has been well-known in the automated drones for wind turbine’s blade surveys industry for effectiveness, repeatability and time saving techniques. Arth-Wind, an organization in wind turbine lifetime management, brings experience and valuable expertise to compliment the solution.

André Moura, founder of Pro-Drone, said that “the Brazilian Wind Turbine market can now enjoy a fast, reliable and cost-effective process to survey the wind turbine’s blades, and with the expertise of the Arth-Wind team those surveys will result in better inspection reports, leading to increases in productivity and lower operating costs of wind turbines.”

Armando Costa Rego, founder of Arth-Wind, said that “seeing the Pro-Drone system working at location, blew away all our expectations on the search for a technology that would bring speed, safety and confidence on the information retrieved during a survey of a wind turbine’s blades. We are certain that this is the beginning of a great partnership.”

Pro-Drone’s mission is to revolutionize how wind turbine blades are inspected by bringing them into the 21st century. It is our belief that the only way to truly make wind energy widespread is to make it competitive with fossil fuels and we are determined to play our part. We have found that current inspection solutions are either outdated, unsuitable or too unreliable to be adopted by the energy industry. That is why our core values are safety, robustness, reliability and data accessibility. The quality of the data that we provide is unparalleled in quality and detail. By embracing automation and customizing the control of the UAVs we are paving the way for the next generation of inspections. Inspections 2.0.


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