HIT Robot Group Makes A Splash In Its First U.S. Show

HIT Robot Group (HRG), one of China’s top robot manufacturing companies, made its U.S. debut in Chicago at Automate 2017. With “Your Golden Partner in China” as key message, the company showcased its latest technologies in smart manufacturing and strong capacity as a premium partner for those who have the interest to explore the Chinese market.

“The enthusiasm of visitors and international counterparts at the exhibition has exceeded our expectation,” said Lei Zhu, vice-president of HRG. “We are very excited to meet those who have plans to enter the Chinese market. We believe that a consolidated tie-up with the world’s leading players in the robotics industry will be of far-reaching significance to China’s robotics industry.”

HRG showcased three products: a model of an automatic lithium battery production line, Lithium Battery Smart Factory, vertical take-off and landing aircraft PHECDA, and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for agriculture uses MERAK.

  • Lithium Battery Smart Factory: By fully automating all aspects of production, including logistics, packaging and warehousing, the Lithium Battery Smart Factory increases production efficiency, evidenced by its ability to produce 150,000 lithium batteries per day with an 80% reduction in factory intermediate time and an 85% decrease in laborers.
  • PHECDA: the UAV breaks the limitations of flight mode of traditional rotor-wing UAVs and fixed-wing UAVs by using four-rotor mode vertical takeoff and landing and fixed-wing cruise mode flight. It features long duration of flight, fast flying speed, long cruising range, high flying height, simple operation, and high security, which is applicable to marine affairs, public safety, anti-terrorism, intelligent transportation, disaster assessment, forest fire prevention, pipeline inspection, environmental protection, geographical mapping, crop screening, geological exploration and other fields.
  • MERAK: the quad-rotor UAV for agricultural plant protection with a completely independent intellectual property right, designed in the systematic and all-round way, achieves the science, intelligence, security and efficiency in agriculture.

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