Drone Delivery Canada Commences Beyond Visual Line of Sight Testing

Drone Delivery Canada is pleased to report during Q1 of 2017, the DDC engineering team successfully completed its initial mission planning and assessment to commence Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) testing at the Foremost Alberta Drone test range.

DDC is set to commence VLOS and BVLOS testing in Q2, 2017 with over 20 test flights scheduled. The test flights are designed to tests numerous systems on DDC’s proprietary FLYTE systems including; communications, telemetry and automated flight.
Beyond Visual Line of Sight capabilities is an important element in commercializing drone delivery services in Canada as it allows a drone to fly outside of visual operator range to carry out delivery missions. The testing at Foremost is expected to advance the Company closer to receiving its Operator Status Certificate. This certificate is essential to DDC in commencing commercial operations with its clients nation-wide which allows the company to fly and charge customers for it SaaS drone delivery system. The Foremost test range, which is Canada’s first Transport Canada approved drone UAV test facility will allow DDC to test its drone delivery platform in a designated airspace of 700 square nautical miles (2400 square kilometers).

“We are delighted to be testing at the Foremost, Alberta test range. This is an integral part of DDC becoming a compliant operator and in turn, a commercially viable business”, commented Paul Di Benedetto, CTO of Drone Delivery Canada. “The test range at Foremost Alberta meets and exceeds our requirements. To that end, we are delighted to bring our clients closer to the reality of drone logistics and the benefits derived from our platform. Testing at the Foremost range is yet another step toward realizing this goal.” added Di Benedetto.

Drone Delivery Canada intends to launch its platform first in Canada’s northern communities.

The Company will utilize its drone delivery platform to connect remote parts of Canada including Indigenous communities to foster economic growth, regional sustainability and provide greater accessibility to these communities where ever possible.

Once compliant operator certification is achieved, the Company looks to derive revenue from Integration fees, Set Up fees and Drone Delivery Flights based upon a take or pay model.

For more information, please visit www.dronedeliverycanada.com

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