Industrial Drones Showing Great Potentials in Japan Drone 2017

Japan drone is the only international exhibition and conference, featuring drones and its market. All the experts from Japan, China, America and France exchanged at Japan Drone, discussed the future of drone market, state-of-the-art technology, and industrial applications. This international session invited Top drones companies including DJI, Precision Hawk, Delair-Tech, and JTT Technology to give speeches.

The application of drone technologies in existing business processes is allowing companies from various industries to create new business and operating models. Each industry has diverse needs, and as a consequence requires different types of drone-powered solutions and various drone functionality. Some of them value flight speed and payload capacity, while others wish to concentrate on solutions delivering high-quality, real-time data in a cost-effective way. In current Japan market, DJI is already in prime position with both recreational and business consumer users. But as more and more overseas drone experts coming into Japan with good industrial application solutions, the Japan drone market starts to demonstrate great potentials. James Jiang from JTT Technology, a UAV leading company in China, represented Shenzhen UAV Industry Association to present a speech in the session said, “Many Japanese drone companies are focused on the use in Agriculture. With JTT’s various industrial applications, I believe that we have great opportunities in Japan market.”

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