Hov Pod Launches HoverHome, An Autonomous, All-terrain, Mobile Control Solution

“Drones have distance, flight time and operational limitations due to battery life, maximum remote control range and line of sight restrictions,” states Ron Harris, VP of Marketing at Hov Pod. “If the drone’s home station is static, operators must ensure that drones stay within remote control range or line of sight and that each drone has sufficient power to get home safely. This is a major problem for drone operators because, limited range reduces mission capacity.”

“Hov Pod HoverHome – Mobile Drone Station overcomes drone integrated perimeter management limitations and extends the range associated with any UAV operation that utilizes a tethered drone and/or multiple drones operating autonomously,” adds Harris. “HoverHome – Mobile Drone Station, vastly improves the mission capabilities of drones in UAV search or surveillance applications and removes the current restrictions, making the entire operation autonomous, mobile and scalable, at a fraction of the cost compared to helicopter operations.”

“HoverHome – Mobile Drone Station provides a mobile border patrol and perimeter management solution with continuous operation 24/7. A tactical amphibious or all-terrain, surface-to-air monitoring solution capable of covering a wider surveillance area or changing perimeter coordinates, deterring insurgents or drug and migrant traffickers, even in remote areas,” says Harris.

“The operation can be launched from almost anywhere. Two HoverHome – Mobile Drone Stations and 6 drones outfitted with infrared and night vision cameras are capable of performing a continuous 24/7 search and rescue mission, over a static or migrating 10 square mile area of ocean, delta, river, swamp, meadow, ice, island or desert,” explains Peter Ward, Hov Pod President. “Put tethered drones on the HoverHome stations and increase mission visibility. Add further Hov Pod SPX hovercraft for all-terrain surface response, integrate them with cameras, GPS, echo sounder or weapons, tether them to drones and make the mission tactical,” adds Ward.

HoverHome is also expanding the capabilities of commercial drones, by allowing for launching and landing on water, amphibiously or in remote areas and enabling data collection when and where it is needed, in a data-driven world.

Hov Pod will introduce the HoverHome solution at Milipol Asia-Pacific International Homeland Security Conference April 4-6, 2017 in Singapore.

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