Kirintec Introduces Sky Net Longbow And Recurve Anti-UAS System

Kirintec has introduced Sky Net Longbow and Recurve, its ‘proven solutions to defeat UAS, UAV and drone aircraft’. Said to produce outstanding results, the company says its products are outperforming its rivals in all formal tests to date.

The Sky Net Longbow and Recurve suite of products are said to be a highly effective defeat solution that removes the threat posed by, unmanned aerial systems, unmanned aerial vehicles or drone aircraft.

Modern warfare
Advances in UAS and similar technology have profound effects on the asymmetric modern warfare landscape. Kirintec prides itself on understanding the threat in country and providing unique technology, allowing you to respond and counter specific terror threats.

Sky Net Longbow and Recurve targets the control and video feed from target drones, this and counters their use for intelligence gathering, target acquisition, and direct target effect.

UAS typically poses a threat to:

  • Military ops
  • Security (national, border and prison for example)
  • Airlines and so on

Ask the experts
The Kirintec team is on hand to advise users, and are confident the equipment purchased will be the best available in the international market place.

Enlisting Omnidirectional antenna and the appropriate placement of systems through a good understanding of system capability, prevents the need for soldiers or costly high-tech DETECT systems to be on sentry constantly scanning the sky for legitimate targets.

Consequently, users benefit from an excellent battlefield expedient capability and easy to use technology.

Choosing Sky Net Longbow and Recurve eliminates the need of crewed over-watch, Kirintec says. Importantly this allows Commanders to fight the battle and free up valuable resource. Furthermore, with Sky Net Longbow and Recurve users can be battlefield ready at the press of a button.

Operational benefits
When selecting Sky Net Longbow and Recurve, users will benefit from:

  • Deploying dedicated technology for UAS defeat ops
  • Modular expansion capable systems for future emerging threats
  • Re-programmable system using equipment which attracts a minimal training burden

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