SBG Systems Launches Next-Gen Of The Ekinox Series Inertial Sensors

Ekinox 2 Series is a new generation of the SBG’ advanced and compact inertial navigation systems. With new accelerometers and gyroscopes, Ekinox 2 attitude accuracy has been enhanced by a factor of two.

Ekinox 2 Series: Twice More Accurate

Ekinox Series is a line of tactical grade MEMS-based inertial navigation systems. Released in 2013, Ekinox has achieved a remarkable success thanks to its smart balance of accuracy, price, and weight. Thanks to continuous innovation, SBG Systems offers to its customers a new generation twice more accurate in attitude, confirming its unmatched Performance/Price/Size ratio. This major improvement is due to a complete redesign of the in-house Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) integrating new cutting-edge gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Perfectly Suited to Demanding Applications

With higher accuracy for the same form factor and price level, Ekinox 2 Series is the best choice for industrial-grade vehicle navigation, equipment motion compensation, and data georeferencing. This new generation provides 0.02° roll and pitch, 0.05° heading, and a centimeter-level position. It is ideal for demanding application such as hydrography, mobile mapping, antenna tracking, etc. With new accelerometers, this new generation has also significantly improved its resistance to vibration. Finally, the addition of the Beidou constellation improves signal availability in Asia.

Easy Installation & Configuration

Compact and light-weight, the Ekinox Series has been designed to simplify installation operations. Configuration is made easy throughout the intuitive embedded web interface where all parameters can be quickly displayed and adjusted. For example, you can choose your profile (Vessel, Plane, Car, etc.) and the 3D view will provide a visualization of settings such as the sensor position, alignment, lever arms, etc.

Ekinox 2 Series Availability

Ekinox 2 Series is ITAR Free. The product line will be available during the second quarter of 2017. SBG is making the new Ekinox INS sensors available for the same cost as the previous generation. They have also maintained the same small, compact form factor that makes it possible to install the INS in a number of configurations.


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