Multivista Launches Full-Service UAV Solutions Tailored To Construction

Multivista, the leader in visual construction documentation, announced the highly-anticipated release of Multivista UAV, a full-service suite of construction drone services.

With a fleet of commercial UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and certified UAV pilots, Multivista offers flexible aerial solutions tailored specifically to the construction industry. Like each of the company’s full-service offerings, the visual UAV data is linked to project plans and accessible from a cloud-based software platform.

UAVs are creating huge efficiencies across many industries and construction is no different. Efficiencies are found at every phase of construction including site planning, progress tracking, material monitoring, inspections of hazardous or inaccessible areas, and marketing-ready deliverables.

And while Multivista is not the only company offering UAV solutions to the construction industry, they are the industry’s first full-service provider.

“Because of limitations navigating vertical construction projects, we knew that current autonomous UAV options in our industry weren’t going to work for most of our clients”, said Multivista’s Chief Technology Officer, Graham Twigg. “Pilot-controlled UAVs allow far more flexibility and the ability to deliver the critical elevated and aerial perspectives our clients need—faster, safer, and closer than ever.”

However, with the monumental gains in efficiency and visual clarity also comes a slew of ever-evolving aviation and insurance regulations, as well as steep penalties for non-compliance. Multivista’s certified UAV pilots are responsible for NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) checks, complying with Temporary Flight Restrictions, communicating with Air Traffic Control, keeping flight and maintenance logs, and maintaining aviation specific liability insurance.

When asked about the company’s decision to enter the heavily-regulated UAV market, Multivista’s President & CEO, Luis Pascual, said, “We’ve spent thousands of hours developing our UAV program and training a team of expert UAV pilots. These men and women know how to navigate both the complex regulatory environment as well as the dynamics of an active construction site–It’s a specialization.”

Multivista’s team of full-service UAV pilots and fleet of commercial drones is currently serving nearly 30 international markets, with plans to rapidly expand both its availability and suite of UAV services by 2018.

Multivista, part of Hexagon AB, has been contracted on over 2 billion square feet of construction projects worldwide and is trusted by the industry’s leading companies to mitigate risk, create efficiencies, and deliver a higher level of project insight throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Multivista offers a full suite of visual construction documentation services on an intuitive cloud-based website platform with local boots-on-the-ground support in 67 international markets. Along with UAV, streaming webcams, professional facility management videos, and virtual walkthroughs, the company delivers interactive as-builts by linking inspection-grade photos to architectural plans to capture every project with exceptional clarity.

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