7i Imaging Systems Reveals Long-Distance 4K UHD Digital Streaming From Drones

4K and 1080p Video Can Now Be Streamed In Real Time Beyond Line Of Visual Sight From Drones & UAVs.

7i Imaging Systems, a relatively new entry into the UAV and drone industry, specializing in digital image production from aerial platforms, is set to go live with a 4K/1080p live streaming service which will change the way UAVs and drones are used and deployed, worldwide.

Utilizing the latest advancements in hardware and software, combined with proprietary IP, 7i Imaging Systems is set to roll-out full live streaming and digital broadcast services to their clients providing aerial live 4K or 1080 video of live events which were simply unobtainable until now.

Motor sports such as off-road racing have been extremely problematic for live content providers to capture and broadcast the most compelling visuals and action due to the remoteness, lack of technology infrastructure and expense of flying heavy broadcast equipment typically from helicopters. Off-shore sailing events have proven even more complex for event organizers and media as helicopters interfere with the sailing yachts and are restricted from close-in videography.

Drones and fixed-wing UAVs have been sought after to remedy these issues, but until now, were unable to provide quality live video in digital formats due to the weight and size of the transmission equipment. However, 7i Imaging Systems has developed and deployed a technology which enables small, light-weight drones and long range UAV’s to accomplish, at a fraction of the cost, what was previously only capable from a full-sized piloted aircraft.

Keith McLellan, CEO of 7i Imaging Systems says, “This technology will dramatically increase the production value of content providers who use our services to live stream high-quality digital video from aerial platforms. We are extremely excited to be first to the market with this and know this will be a huge asset to our existing and future clients.”

7i Imaging Systems made its name in the drone and UAV world by offering a full suite of aerial services for surveys, orthographic imaging, 3D modeling from aerial imagery, aerial agricultural inspections, and full aerial video productions. The company is an affiliate of ROV Aerospace which designs advanced fixed-wing UAVs with long-ranges and extended flight times for law enforcement, military, and governmental clients.

“This is truly a paradigm shift in the way live event video is obtained for broadcast.” says Jeremy McGowan, Chief Business Development Officer of 7i Imaging Systems. “No longer will aerial footage be limited to a highlight reel or pre-recorded promotions. With the ability to provide 4K or 1080p digital video from mobile aerial platforms which can fly nearly any camera system, we are changing the entire process of live event broadcast.”

McGowan also stated, “We are currently in negotiations with several video production studios to provide these services. Aerial imagery from drones has become extremely popular as it’s able to provide unique perspectives and angles, however the addition of our live stream capabilities means that these companies who have come to the forefront of cinematic aerial imagery can now bring their talent and reputation to live events across the planet.”

About 7i Imaging Systems: With over 50,000 commercial flight hours, 150 years of aviation experience, 15 years of drone and UAV development and 5 proprietary UAV designs, 7i Imaging Systems is a leading provider of aerial imaging services worldwide. Their fleet of camera platforms includes many different types of off-road vehicles, boats, personal watercraft, ultralight, and sports aircraft and a wide range of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft from light singles to twin-engine turboprops. Experts in interacting with the FAA and Aviation Authorities in other countries, their experience is unrivaled.

To learn more about 7i Imaging Systems’ 4K/1080p live streaming capabilities or to request a quote for aerial video production, contact Jeremy McGowan, CBDO at 702.289.4499. Visit 7i Imaging Systems on the web at http://www.7ivideo.com.

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