Terra Drone Corporation Announces New Concept UAV, Terra Powerlifter Series

Terra Drone Corporation announced today the launch of the new ‘Terra Powerlifter’ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) series, continuing its focus on bringing the best of Japanese innovation for the benefit of Australia’s agriculture, construction and resource sectors.

Offering up to two hours’ continuous flight time and capable of carrying a heavy payload of up to 10 kilograms, the unique UAV is fully integrated with the world-leading RIEGL LiDAR (light detection and ranging) laser measurement systems for an unsurpassed standard in 3D mapping.

Unlike other UAVs, Terra Powerlifter does not require a long take-off or extra flight stabilization despite its heavy payload, far exceeding the standard 1-2 kg payload and flight time of 15-20 minutes offered by competitor models.

Terra Powerlifter specifications:
Weight: Approx. 20kg (including maximum 10kg payload)
Length: Approx. 2,200mm
Height: Approx. 800mm
Width: Approximately 2,300mm
Power unit: 2 cycle gasoline engine 62cc
Flight time: Approx. 2 hours
Altitude: 3,000m

Terra Drone’s Brisbane branch chief, Tsuyoshi Honda, said the new series offered Australian industry a best-in-class solution that had been tested in the harshest climatic conditions.

“Terra Powerlifter has already proven its effectiveness in Antarctica, where it supported scientific research with continuous single flights of up to 40 kilometers. It has also proven its worth in aerial vegetation surveys and in measuring particulate matter, with its state-of-the-art Japanese technology providing the ultimate in surveying and mapping,” Mr. Honda said.

The company also recently launched the Terra Explore series, comprising an unmanned UAV with a spherical cage, offering significant cost and time savings during visual inspections of infrastructure such as buildings and bridges and construction sites, while significantly improving safety compared to visual inspections.

“Terra Drone is committed to giving Australian agriculture, construction and resource companies the most advanced UAV solutions available to enhance productivity and safety while curtailing costs. Our innovative approach has seen our products achieve superior performance, from the Antarctic to Australia and beyond,” Mr. Honda said.


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