Silent Falcon™ Selected As UAS Of Choice By Precision Vectors For BVLOS Operations In Canada

Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies is pleased to announce Precision Vectors Aerial Inc. of Vancouver, BC, has chosen the Silent Falcon UAS as their exclusive UAS for their BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) unmanned aerial services business in Canada and the United States. Precision Vectors will use Silent Falcon exclusively in BVLOS UAS services focusing in the oil and gas, forestry, wildfire, mining and large-scale precision agriculture sectors. Precision Vectors will also distribute Silent Falcon UAS Technologies products throughout Canada.

“Our decision to work exclusively with Silent Falcon is founded on our assessment that it is by far the most advanced and commercially viable UAV for operations BVLOS. No other UAV has the solar voltaic wing, sophisticated payload bay and inaudible flight performance of Silent Falcon. Five hours airborne, 100 KM range and the ability to map 6,000 acres in one flight, symbolize what makes this a unique platform”, said Lorne Borgal, President, Precision Vectors Aerial Inc.

The Silent Falcon UAS was designed specifically for the type of BVLOS operations Precision Vectors will be performing. The Silent Falcon UAS is a fixed wing, solar electric powered, complete unmanned aircraft system. What makes the Silent Falcon system ideal for these types of operations are its long endurance, long range, silent operation and multiple payload capabilities. Its open architecture payload bay will allow Precision Vectors to quickly and easily change payloads for different missions.

“The Silent Falcon UAS excels in BVLOS applications. Its ability to fly long distances, stay in the air for a long time and easily change payloads make it an excellent choice for a UAS service provider like Precision Vectors that is focused exclusively on BVLOS applications. Precision Vectors will be proving the ‘use case’ for Silent Falcon in pipeline gas leak detection, large-scale mapping, forestry and forest fire management, mining and large scale precision agriculture. We are excited to be partnering with Precision Vectors as they develop the BVLOS UAS services business in Canada and the US”, said John W. Brown, President and CEO of Silent Falcon UAS Technologies.

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