Altavian Is Teaming Up With Bentley And KLJ To Present A Free Webinar

Altavian is teaming up with Bentley and KLJ to present a real-world example of drones in surveying and engineering. Drones can slash the time spent in the field collecting data. This moves the bulk of the work back to the office where measurements can be done using software. However, for many in surveying and mapping, it is not easy to envision this approach to a project in the real world.

  • Conducting a real-world test to see if Drones can yet compare to traditional survey methods
  • Discussion of project and acquisition specifications
  • Overview of processing the data in ContextCapture
  • Demo of the data in Descartes, showing how to bring work from the field into the office
  • Discussion from KLJ on the final accuracy reports and usefulness of this method of data collection

This webinar focuses on the application of drone data in Bentley’s Descartes and ContextCapture software in a real surveying project. The goal of this project was to use both traditional ground surveying methods and drone data collection to show what drones can actually produce for surveyors. KLJ was surveying an interstate interchange for construction planning for the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

First 100 registrants will join a live Q&A discussion session with Altavian, Bentley, and KLJ. March 16th, 1:00 PM EST. Space is limited. Sign up now.


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