Alpha Unmanned Systems Unveils Its New Improved Unmanned Helicopter The ALPHA 800

The ALPHA 800 is the evolution of the SNIPER and includes all the developments and improvements of the last year and a half of extensive work of research, development, and innovation. Improvements apply to all the systems in the helicopter from the mechanics to the electronics on board or available payloads.

In the airframe, the FlyBar of the main rotor has been removed; the landing gear has been completely redesigned reducing weight and enabling better line of sight for the antennas. Thanks to all that we saved more than 500 g that has been used to increase fuel tanks capacity on 600cc. In addition, some critical components such as servo-actuators have a manufacturer-guaranteed service life which gives the system an extra level of safety.

The electronics are IP64 rated which means that the helicopter can operate in marine environments or under rain. In addition, it includes safety and redundancy elements such as redundant general power, with double autopilot power point and resettable fuses at all payload and servo power points. Alpha Unmanned Systems has also worked on integrating a multitude of payloads and currently offers up to 15 different possibilities covering all types of applications for multiple sectors: from surveillance, inspection, agriculture, mining, to mapping LIDAR or GIS. We offer dual sensor cameras; day & night vision and some of them offer up to 40x optical zoom or high resolution and frame rate infrared sensors. Thanks to that we cover a wider range of applications, being able to offer ready to fly solutions for professional or industrial users.

Summarizing, all the improvements did enable the new ALPHA 800 to have a higher payload capacity, 3 Kg instead of 2.5 kg, longer endurance 2 hours & 30 minutes instead of 2 hours, longer range and the necessary maintenance of the mechanics has been kept to a minimum.

Add that with this new launch, the company offers its clients the possibility of contracting their services nationwide for both ISTAR missions and civil projects.

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