MultiGP Drone Racing Announces the 2017 MultiGP International Open

This week MultiGP Drone Racing ( announced the 2017 MultiGP International Open, being held at the AMA National Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, August 9-13, 2017. This one of a kind event is an open invitation connecting the global FPV community, which is one of the fastest growing sports communities in the world. The MultiGP International Open will be a fun and educational time for all who will be in attendance, with “Fun Flys” open to all, multiple competitions (both racing and freestyle), workshops, and summit meetings during the event. This is guaranteed to be FPV’s largest Fun Fly Festival of the year!

MultiGP Drone Racing is pulling out all the stops to bring the world one of the most unique drone racing events of the year. Because of the vast size of the AMA Headquarters there will be a total of 8 FPV Flight Zones; 8 different fields set up specifically for the style of flying that will take place on that field (team racing, standard racing, freestyle, wings, spec, etc.). MultiGP understands that FPV Freestyle is as an important component of the sport of FPV as racing, and this year will be holding freestyle competitions during the International Open. Last year also saw the rise of team racing events, and MultiGP is proud to announce that there will be an FAI (the oldest governing body for air sports worldwide) approved World Cup event, which will be a team racing event putting the top FPV teams in the world against each other at eye-watering speeds. Other attractions will include a crash course gauntlet, a full vendor village with companies showing off their latest and greatest technology, an FPV Sports Summit, and various FPV related workshops.

  • 8 Challenge (FPV Flight) Zones
    • (3) UTT tracks, so a pilot can get ranked
    • (1) Team Racing Field
    • (1) Freestyle Field
    • (1) World Cup Track
    • (1) Spec Race Track
    • (1) Winged Race
  • World Cup Event (FAI Team Racing Event)
  • Team Racing
    • (4) Pilots plus (1) Pit Crew person or more
    • Incorporate a speed, agility, skills challenge
  • Freestyle Event
  • Crash Course Gauntlet
  • Vendor Row/Village
  • FPV Sports Summit and workshops

MultiGP International Open 2017

MultiGP Drone Racing understands that proper logistics and planning for an event of this caliber is crucial to its success. Trying to set up for a world-class event on the day of the event is not a recipe for success, so MultiGP set aside three days just for setup and breakdown of the International Open (two days of setup, preparation, and testing before the event; one day for breakdown after the event). This event is to show MultiGP’s appreciation for the FPV pilots of the world, and it is important that everything is in place and ready when they arrive.

Proposed Schedule of Events:

  • Day 1: Event commencement, Fun Fly and FPV Summit/Workshops
    • AMA HQ (private industry invite only)
    • Public workshops and discussions
  • Day 2: Fun Fly and Practice as dictated by the Regional organizers
  • Day 3: Competitions on the various FPV fields
  • Day 4: Competitions on various FPV fields, and closing ceremonies

An event of this scale and magnitude needs plenty of willing hands to be of assistance. MultiGP Drone Racing is looking for volunteers to help support the event, and will be coordinating logistics and operations with them 60 day in advance of the event. This is to make sure that there are enough volunteers, and that they are properly equipped with the knowledge needed to be effective in assisting. Please contact MultiGP Drone Racing for further details.

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