ZEROTECH Announces Partnership With B2X

B2X today announced a new collaboration with drone market leader ZEROTECH, one of its first customers in the IoT space. ZEROTECH has nine years’ experience in the drone industry and is known for its leading drone technology like flying-control and FHD digital video transmission. The company launched the world’s first pocked-sized smart drone DOBBY this year and expanded business rapidly in America. It utilizes the B2X SMARTCARE Technology platform in order to make its service processes transparent and efficient to provide end-users with a unique customer experience. ZEROTECH and B2X will begin their collaboration in the North American market, which is one of the most important growth markets for the ZEROTECH.

“DOBBY is a compact yet powerful drone that’s made for everyone. We are experiencing rapid growth and the most exciting time in our company’s history. The worldwide demand for drones is growing very fast and our global expansion is progressing at a very high speed. We are pleased that with B2X we have found a partner to help us exceed the high service expectations of our customers,” says Yu Lin, Director of Customer Service at ZEROTECH.

The global market for the so-called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAE) is one of the world’s most dynamic growth segments of the entire technology industry. The current market volume of $13.2 billion is set to rise to $28.3 billion by 2020. ZEROTECH, with a ten-year company history, is regarded as one of the pioneers in the commercial UAE market. Meanwhile, the Chinese technology company is the world’s second largest drone manufacturer and is one of the world’s market leaders with its flagship product DOBBY.

On behalf of ZEROTECH, B2X will assume responsibility for service and repair, and will provide rapid assistance to customers in the case of hardware damage. Customers needing support inside or outside of their warranty can quickly and easily send their device to the B2X managed service center and receive a repaired or replacement device, all with a very short turnaround time.

The DOBBY Pocket Drone has an integrated 4K camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels. It is easily controlled by the app and provides build-in smart functions like auto-track short videos, target following, etc. DOBBY can be used both indoors and outdoors. The current model costs around $400 at Best Buy, B&H and other channels.

“With our disruptive business model, B2X is well established in the global smartphone market as a customer care innovator. We would now like to use our expertise and solutions to further accelerate our expansion. The loT market is an extremely attractive segment for us and we have all the capabilities at our disposal to support new product segments in implementing excellent customer experience,” says Rainer Koppitz, Chief Executive Officer at B2X. “We are especially proud to welcome an innovative company like ZEROTECH as one of our first loT customers at B2X.”

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