Quest UAV Enters Japanese Market For Services, Drone Sales and New Drone Development

Terra Drone Corporation and QuestUAV strike up a strategic partnership providing highly accurate large scale surveying services as well as Reseller presence in Japan.

In January 2017, Terra Drone Corporation signed a strategic alliance with British fixed-wing drone developer QuestUAV. In the future Terra Drone will conduct surveying services using QuestUAV’s fixed-wing aircraft, sales of the airframe itself and joint development of new aircraft. The QuestUAV products enable photogrammetric surveying with higher precision than competitors’ aircraft, and they can be used for large-scale development such as dams and mega solar.

We have adopted QuestUAV product as a service, and have concluded a strategic alliance including aircraft sales and development in Japan. Compared to competitive fixed-wing aircraft, the performance of the on-board camera and the stability of the aircraft are improved, enabling more accurate surveying. In addition to surveying service offering and airframe sales, we will continue to develop jointly for further improvement of airframes.”

Toru Tokushige – Founder & CEO of Terra Drones

Features of a QuestUAV aircraft

  • A large loading capacity (payload), with gimbal mounted cameras for taking high-resolution and high-quality photographs.
  • Aircraft has stability to work in windy environments
  • Safe and easy operation by using installed parachute at landing.

Terra Drone Corporation

TDC perform laser photogrammetry using drones – creating high-precision three-dimensional drawings in a quick and efficient way, for soil volume estimation. This service aids efficient project management of ongoing construction work. They have an extensive track record with over 300 commissions and orders from major contractors and construction equipment makers.

Terra Drone is part of the Terra Group Companies who manufacture and sell Rickshaws, Electric Motorcycles and Tricycles in Asia, whilst boasting an 85% export sales rate – Terra Motors Co., Ltd sells over 30,000 a year.

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