Tynker And Parrot Create Online Drone Curriculum For Kids

Creative-computing company Tynker is rolling out a new U.K. school curriculum that includes a course on drone programming, which will be executed in partnership with Parrot.

Besides the new drone course, the new curriculum – to be offered for the 2017-2018 school year – adds JavaScript and Python courses and 12 STEM programming courses. To date, nearly 2,000 schools in the U.K. alone use Tynker to teach coding.

“More than 45 million kids have been introduced to computer programming through our online courses, apps and in-class teaching platform,” comments Krishna Vedati, co-founder and CEO of Tynker. “We’ve had significant demand to expand into STEM subjects and makerspace arenas, so it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to offer these exciting new courses. We hope that our new upper-level courses in JavaScript, Python, STEM and drones will inspire an even greater number of students to embrace coding as a way to enhance their learning and careers.”

Tynker says its game-based curriculum teaches students coding and computational thinking as they creatively code games, animations, stories and school projects.

Specifically, the company says its new drone curriculum will allow students to practice their flying skills in a virtual environment before they are ready to execute the commands on a real drone.

“Who doesn’t want to program and control their own drone?” says Jerome Bouvard, Parrot’s education program director. “We are really excited to collaborate with Tynker, the leader in teaching kids to code, and create a learning platform that will inspire students of all ages to innovate and build the next generation of useful applications with drones not yet imagined.”


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