Unmanned Experts Awarded with Highest Level of SGS RPAS Safety & Compliance Verification

Unmanned Experts has been awarded the highest level of SGS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Safety & Compliance Verification, passing the most comprehensive audit of safety systems and operational safety practices within the drone industry.

The SGS RPAS standards are now being widely accepted by the booming commercial drone industry. With SGS having extended its services into the drone industry, they are now offering verification, expert advice and strategies for the future.

Unmanned Experts recently passed the most comprehensive audit of its RPAS safety systems and operational safety practices, and has been awarded the highest level of safety and compliance verification available in the industry, the SGS Safety & Compliance Verification (SCV) certificate.

SGS has set the benchmark for RPAS standards in safety, quality and efficiency in the use of drones for inspections. These standards and risk management tools are helping resource sector companies and drone operators to benefit from increased efficiency, and to improve measurable safety systems and corporate responsibility.

“Operating RPAS is a dynamic activity, and the ability to utilize predictive risk management strategies to identify and treat hidden hazards in RPAS operations is a specialty of SGS, which is leading the way in RPAS safety standards,” says Tracy Lamb, Global RPAS Safety Manager, SGS. “Unmanned Experts is an operator that has differentiated itself in this field through its dedication to achieving robust safety and risk standards, and adopting global best practice.”

Keven Gambold, CEO of Unmanned Experts, says, “I and the entire Unmanned Experts team are very pleased to have our operations and client practices validated with the awarding of the SGS Certificate of Safety and Compliance Verification. It’s been impressive to see how SGS has anticipated the fast growth of the RPAS industry by publishing comprehensive RPAS standards and enabling compliance audits. Our audit was both comforting and challenging; we believed we operate with a strong culture of safety and got confirmation of that. Even so, there were several areas, such as managing UAV battery storage, where SGS showed us how we can still raise the bar on our best practices. We’re a better operating enterprise for having done the audit.”

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