ECAMSECURE, Leading Security Surveillance Provider, Enters The UAS Market

ECAMSECURE, a leading security and remote management technology solutions company, is proud to announce the addition of drones to an already extensive menu of integrated video surveillance and monitoring options.

 Ecamsecure has been a leader in security and remote management technology for over 17 years, compliments of the company’s history and commitment to safety, integrity, and customer service. While providing perimeter protection services for construction sites, outdoor areas, and operational properties has been the team’s mainstay; flexible security solutions and the creative utilization of the latest technological gear makes ECAMSECURE the go-to firm for security system integration. But with the recent release of their new Ultra HD time-lapse video, VPM (Video Project Management), software, ECAMSECURE broke the mold again. When the software is integrated into a HD job site camera network, it automatically captures preset time interval images to algorithmically (and seamlessly) create dramatic time-lapse videos of building progress for marketing and project management purposes.

Lemuel Blanco, ECAMSECURE President and CTO, together with his Research and Development team, work hard to find solutions for pain points our clients mention and felt it was a natural transition to take to the sky.

Blanco said, “With the new addition of drone services now available, current and future clients will not only be able to address their security needs, but they will also be afforded the opportunity to take their projects to new places and their dreams to new heights.” Using ECAMSECURE’s construction drone service, project managers can now document progress, assess security vulnerabilities and safety hazards easily. They can also make sure the project is on schedule as well as create stunning marketing videos at every stage of construction.

ECAMSECURE drone operators are fully licensed under FAA regulations, insured beyond the industry standards, and became one of just a few companies to receive FAA approval to fly night missions. The drones are furnished with thermal cameras, making night inspections and gas leak detections easier and safer than before. Other services provided also include aerial videography for real estate marketing, 3D modeling, drone documentation, promotional flyovers and aerial sitemaps.

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