AUDS Counter-UAV System Achieves TRL-9 Status

Blighter Surveillance Systems’ AUDS counter-UAV defense system recently achieved TRL-9 status following deployment with the U.S. armed forces.

The achievement places the unmanned aircraft detection device at the highest technology readiness level, or TRL. The scale, used by the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA, ranges from 1 to 9 with 9 referring the most technology mature devices.

“Achieving TRL-9 status is an important milestone for AUDS in the embryonic counter-drone market,” AUDS team member Mark Radford said in a press release. “The sale and deployment of multiple AUDS systems to the U.S. military to protect critical assets and personnel makes AUDS, we believe, the only TRL-9 rated fully integrated strategic counter-UAS system on the market.”

The TRL-9 achievement comes just a week after the U.S. military contracted Liteye Systems and Tribalco to deliver AUDS systems for the force.

The AUDS anti-UAV defense system is designed to detect, track, and neutralize hostile unmanned aircraft systems on the battlefield. The device is equipped with a smart-sensor and effector package capable of identifying smaller drones, and classifying them for ground-based operators.

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