PowerVision Unveils PowerRay A Underwater Fishing Robot With 4K Video

The Combination of PowerRay Fishfinder, Mobile App, and VR Goggle Provides Real-Time Visualization of Finding and Catching Fish

PowerVision Robot Corporation, a worldwide leader in UAV, robotics and big data technologies, and the maker of the world’s most intuitive consumer drone PowerEggTM and the premium professional cinematography drone PowerEyeTM, today announced PowerRayTM, an innovative underwater robot with ground-breaking features designed to revolutionize freshwater, saltwater, or ice fishing for today’s recreational fishing enthusiasts and casual hobbyists.

Delivering the most thrilling and effortless fish finding experience for consumers, PowerRay features an optional add-on component, PowerRay Fishfinder, which leverages sonar system to detect fish with precision and sends images of fish and underwater landscape, temperature data, as well as alerts to users through internal Wi-Fi to enable fishermen to make spontaneous decisions. The PowerRay robot can dive as deep as 30 meters or 98 feet underwater. The sonar system can detect fish up to 40 meters or 131 feet below the robot, making the total diving depth up to 70 meters or 230 feet with precision up to 10 centimeters or 3.9 inches. The internal Wi-Fi system allows transmission of images and data over the distance up to 80 meters or 262 feet. The PowerRay Fishfinder is easy to install to the robot and can be detached as a stand-alone fish-finding device. The PowerRay Fishfinder also includes an internal fish luring light with a hue of blue.

Using the PowerRay Mobile App, users can view real-time transmitted photo or video captured by PowerRay’s integrated 4K UHD camera on any iOS or Android mobile devices, in addition to receiving fish-identifying images, underwater data, and alerts. Users can also view the real-time position of the PowerRay robot, select travel mode, speed, and light setting, and operate the integrated 4K UHD camera functions for underwater photography and videography, all through the PowerRay Mobile App.

PowerRay comes with an optional, remotely operated precision remote bait drop. Users can secure baits and operate the PowerRay robot to deliver the bait precisely to the desired location, monitor and control the entire fishing experience through the real-time viewing in the PowerRay Mobile App.

For users who want an immersive First Person View (FPV) experience, an option to control the robot through a wearable device, or to interact with fish through a fun and engaging gaming experience, PowerRay also supports an optional PowerVision VR Goggle to provide a thrilling underwater view through virtual reality technology. With gravity and gesture recognition capabilities, the PowerVision VR Goggle allows the users to interact with and manipulate the robot under water via head tilting.  Users can control left turn, right turn, up, and down.

“Recreational fishing is one of the lifestyle areas that has not seen major technology breakthroughs. By introducing PowerRay, PowerVision is completely changing the way we have been fishing in the past 7,000 years.  Through innovating the fish finding technology and features, providing the thrill of finding the catch and an immersive underwater experience through virtual reality, PowerRay is going to provide more efficiency, thrill, and fun to fishermen around the world,” said Wally Zheng, CEO of PowerVision Technology Group. “Recreational fishing will never be the same again.”

PowerRay Engineering & Technology

Leveraging PowerVision’s rich UAV technology portfolio, PowerRay incorporates significant innovation that provides the recreational fishing enthusiasts with valuable benefits including:

  • Best-in-Class camera: 4K UHD camera with 100-degree wide-angle lens, MP4 video at 30fps, Burst Mode photo shooting at 5fps in 12 megapixels, 1080P real-time image and video streaming, integrated adjustable light for photography and videography.
  • 100% waterproof to allow a maximum underwater diving depth of 30 meters or 98 feet.
  • Maximum operating time up to 4 hours.  Fishfinder maximum operating time up to 4 hours.
  • Lightweight:
      • PowerRay base robot weight – 3.5 kg or 7.7 lbs
      • PowerRay accessories weight – 2 kg or 4.4 lbs

“When we first introduced PowerEgg and PowerEye, we told the world that we were not just another drone company,” Zheng said. “PowerRay showed our capabilities to drive innovation with a laser focus on consumer experience and artistic design that will exceed the expectations of our target consumers and lead the market of consumer robotics, changing the way people live, work, and have fun everyday.”

Pricing & Availability

PowerRay will be available for global pre-order starting on February 27, 2017.  Pricing has not yet been released.

For more information visit www.powervision.me.

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